5 Foods That Will Spike Your Insulin

With all of the “experts” out there, sometimes it’s hard to know what to eat and what to avoid. Here is a quick list that will help you make better choices on a daily basis.

Insulin is the hormone which tells your body to store fat instead of burn it. Obviously, this fact is important for your weight and your health.

Take charge of your health, and your insulin, learn these 5 foods that will spike your insulin

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  • Thanks for the great advise. I live in East Africa where our food is totally different from the one you mentioned.
    How can you advise me basing on foods in East Africa.
    Am diabetic type 2

  • Cyndi Manka says:

    I quit my stressful job in 2012. I’m able to be retired now but you gotta leave that job!!!

  • Prabodh Sheth says:

    Beef and chicken has much higher insulin response than some fruits and grain

  • Robin Dukes says:

    Dr.B what are your thoughts on brushing teeth with toothpaste (most of which do taste sweet) during my IF window (eg bedtime and early morning are still during my IF window)? Does the cephalic response of tasting the sweet toothpaste break my fast? If so, should I be swapping to just brushing with water or baking soda paste? THANKS! Love your videos, by the way! You're amazing for donating all this time and energy to help the public!

  • Toys r Choice says:

    Hey Doc, what about mouthwash? does mouthwash spike your blood sugar levels? we don't swallow mouthwash but we feel the sweetness in our mouths.

  • I'm stressed with all the rambling on these diabetes channels taking forever to get go the point!!

  • Blue Lady says:

    You want to know about bad stress, try taking care of a person with dementia who will swing a cane at whatever it is he is experiencing. I gained so much weight I looked and felt like a blimp. If you are a caretaker, you need to ask for help, because if you don't your health will suffer. Find out what services are available in your community.

  • GrandmaStanton5 says:

    So does carbonated water take you out? I like the flavored ones and they have no sweeteners are calorie free and sugar free, but taste sweet.

  • 3939steve says:

    So how much meat can I eat? I thought I could eat all the meat that I wanted

  • uniktbrukernavn says:

    I call BS on the cephalic insulin response, not because I have scientific data or anything but because I simply don't want it to be true; I can't drink tea without artificial sweetener! I can't…I WON'T 🙂

  • I just started Keto and have been learning HOW to do it every day. So, it's from this episode, you said "proteins cause spike insulin level" . I watched some other videos about " Gluconeogenesis" from other experts. My question is there any easy way to set up my protein intake goal/potion a day WITHOUT using calculating LBM ? (I guess I'm just lazy to do the math?)

  • Mende George says:

    This video inspired me to share my story with you. After I got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I was shocked. I didn’t associate myself with having diabetes so I was hoping and praying every day that I will find something that will help me. I was trying a lot of different products and remedies but with no success.

    Anyway I'm glad I have tried this new product. I have seen a difference in my blood sugars and blood pressure. My overall feeling has changed as well. I’m glad I took the chance to try it.

    It’s early yet, but this may be an answer to my prayers that I won’t need as many injections daily (normally 2-4 /day).

    Now I want to help as much as people as possible, you need to try this.
    Just leave me a reply If you want to try my solution and I will send you the link from this product.

    Thanks a lot

  • Annie Albertson says:

    Dr Berry our son is 16 with T1D he is in his honeymoon stage and has recently stopped taking his insulin. His levels have been between 80-150 most days there was only one day it went to 180 and then came back down after eating 30 carbs. He is doing OMAD daily except weekends usually we do breakfast and a late lunch… other days he eats around 4pm and we cook completely low carb everything so his one meal usually consists of 10-20 carbs at the most but usually in the lower side of that. I just want to know if his blood sugar is staying between 80 and 150 on a regular Basis is this safe for him? We are trying to let his pancreas rebuild beta cells and praying for a miracle… what is your take on this subject?

  • tiffany schneider says:

    Cool shirt Dr Berry! Congrats on 1 million subscribers!

  • Irfan Ilias says:

    I’d say portions matter…you’re likely to go over a keto carb limit if you eat a lot….but am I keto? Uhh no….did I get my a1c below 5.6….uhhh yes…I just have a 90% vegetable diet.

  • Chris Creel says:

    How much protein you can have per meal before it starts to turn to sugar

  • big O'Sullivan says:

    Jeez this is laughable

  • resourcedragon says:

    So if stress spikes your insulin, would that go some way towards explaining the results of the Whitehall Study? This showed that British civil servants (public servants , i.e. government employees) who are near the bottom of the heap had poorer health outcomes and had larger amounts of visceral fat than those nearer the top of the heap. Although this was an epidemiological study it was one of the better ones in that the choice of study subjects meant that they were better matched than is often the case in epidemiological studies. Education levels and lifestyle choices were similar in both groups, so there wasn't a big "healthy user" bias.

  • Torchlight31 says:

    I honestly think there should be a 'Health Class' in the education system for youngsters. Just how many thousands if not millions of lives could be saved with a proper education on the human body? Or even just how to properly feed ourselves.

    I bet if people really knew what they were doing to their bodies, there would be a lot less fat and sick people in the world.

  • usamwhambam says:

    Please add some information about the quantities in volumes and weights of the foods which exceed the digestion limits of the body related to body size and typical daily physical activity that cause the insulin spikes. The content of this video is nebulous.

  • Bread Sandwich says:

    What does nicotine do to insulin? Quit smoking, doing keto, using nicotine lozenges. Weight going nowhere, gained some actually. Very frustrated?

  • Only need about 4oz of meat per day…………the size of a deck of cards

  • Apocraphon tripp says:

    Sir thank you for your video. The protien is the one that caught me off guard. Can you please do a video for thouse of us that would like to build muscle? Example…is whey or soy protien good? What about stuff like creatinine? L Argenine or L carnatein or other suppliments often taken by body builders? Again thank so much for the video.

  • Maggie666 says:

    Please stop rocking

  • handstampedbylee says:

    Can I still smell food? My husband still eats junk food and sometimes I suck in all the smells and reminisce of eating eat but never have a bite. If my body can tell if I put something sweet in my mouth maybe it will do the same for smelling.
    I’d heard about the mouth thing before but didn’t realises that it happened if you ate a non sugar item that tasted sugary

  • Andrew James says:

    Great information Dr. Berrry. I do eat snacks that have erythritol or stevia. How bad is that if you want to reduce cephalic insulin response. How much is too much?

  • Tanya Papineau says:

    How many grams of protein does a woman age 52 require each day?

  • Yvonne Miller says:

    I guess I'll just quit eating. Why are so many diabetics on your keto diet then.

  • Ever Vera says:

    I'm still trying to understand the whole ketogenic diet thing. The available foods for this diet are so limited that you get to eat them every day to the point of it becoming kind of boring. You only have meat, butter, eggs, bacon, and some vegs. Turns out now you cannot eat to much of them because meat and eggs are protein. So, the best way to do this is to eat eggs and fat in the morning and then when you feel hungry you eat the meat with avocado y a few veggies.and then do the inttermitent fasting untill the next day? Could someone approved of this amount of foods I eat? That way I'm not putting too much protein in my body.

  • Jennifer cunzio says:

    I was just diagnosed with insulin resistance I’ve been doing keto I was shocked ? I need help I do work out ? and am shocked I do have a thyroid problem for years do you think that can throw my level off I’m so frustrated I’ve tried ever freakin diet out there even did Dr. Gundry plant paradox I seriously am so confused ?‍♀️ I do t know what to eat anymore

  • gail bott says:

    Day 6 this time with keto and I have lost my taste for sweetner ( monk fruit extract by lankato) now in my coffee between my 2-3 meals I just want coconut oil and Celtic sea salt!! It truly is worth it!!!

  • Jean Garraway says:

    Here is a topic for you. "WHAT CAN YOU EAT " WHEN YOU HAVE DIABETES1 OR 2. OR 7 day meal plan fir diabetes 1 or 2….I am always hearing what you cannot eat but there is not too much free info on what you should eat or how you should eat. Give me a 7 day meal plan that would not spike your insulin. Now we're talking.

  • Cre8Thought41 says:

    Good short informative vid.


    Too much protein … interesting , Dr Berry can you define "too much protein" ? … perhaps in terms of g / kg of body weight? Think I've heard Dr Berg recommend 4-6 oz of meat per serving , but he vaguely suggests more is ok if 2MAD or OMAD

  • Steven Null says:

    Please speak louder I'm hearing impaired even with hearing aids

  • After your comments about over cooking vegetables, I have a question. What's your take on dehydrated vegetables? I have a food dehydrator and like to dehydrate certain veggies to make them "crunchy" and eat them as snacks but I don't know if this would be a good option for keto.

  • Carlos Llanos says:

    I don’t know about all of this ketogenic and carnivore stuff..I think the healthiest thing to do is to eat an overall balanced diet (one that includes everything). I tried going keto and I felt like shit. I got sick, I don’t have energy, I felt weak. Think about it people! How can you consume a diet that will get you the flu?!!!! ( keto flu). That’s just insane

  • Phil Hawkins says:

    Give up bread, give up pastry, give up beer, give up pasta, give up rice, give up potatoes, give up sweets, now brocolli that's a bit over cooked???

  • Harvey Helms says:

    Is it possible to eat raw honey if you got type 2 diabetes will it hurt you in the long run

  • Judie McMath says:

    Dr. Berry, I had a c-peptide test and was told I am producing virtually no insulin. In that case, how could the cephalic insulin response raise my blood sugar if I’m producing no insulin?

  • Sandra Granger says:

    I am diabetic, would like to know how much is to much protein, would like to know?

  • Banks Johnathan says:

    Dr Berry…i requested you do a vid about MSG a long time ago…please consider doing one!!!! Tank you

  • Rita Hall says:

    Diet is complicated—Willie Nelson said he eats oatmeal for breakfast and bacon and eggs in the evening Think he a healthy 86 year old man or genetically blessed or maybe it’s natural herbal intake ?

  • Charles Leckonby says:

    Will toothpaste spike my insulin and break my fast?

5 Foods That Will Spike Your Insulin