Best chair based exercise for Type 2 Diabetes

This 30 minute chair based strength and resistance training routine will lower blood sugar, burn fat, and build upper body and core muscles.

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Chair exercise lower blood sugar


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  • kimberley anderson says:

    My blood sugar level went from 76 to 69 to 77 when I followed along with this video. Is this ok?

  • Kathy Sanders says:

    Thanks..have been in pt for years due to stroke and diabetes… enjoy chair workout..good as pt

  • omar pouyanne says:

    a great video thank you

  • Mainor Vladimir Hernandez Flores says:

    Excelent video, visit here to control of diabetes it is a powerfull treatment

  • Mridula Suresh says:

    Amazing!!!awesome… I was really depressed due to my high blood sugar . Fasting was always higher than 140 . Now a Iam doing this exercise since a month …. won’t believe It’s below 100 these days. Today it’s 81???? Add to it I reduced my medication dosage .??pls trust me . Thank you so much for teaching us this exercise. ???

  • Ana Felix says:

    Frist time doing exercise i have type 2 just found out 2 month's ago this work out was very good thank you for helping us out blessing.

  • aqui estoy yo says:

    Suban mas ejercicios como estos por favor

  • Patty Zepeda says:

    Awesome workout ?️‍♀️ Thank you! ?

  • Sayeda Maher Anjoom says:

    I got it late. I have a pain in one of my toes and can't continue 'Walk home exercise', feeling upset. I shall try this to lower my blood sugar. Thanks.

  • hew195050 says:

    I don't have diabetes but this workout was challenging and I'll be coming back. Thank you so much. do you have others maybe with more lower body?

  • Assia Ibe says:

    Thanks for this video but my blood sugar goes up when I do it. Ps I'm on keto diet so I'm trying to lower my insuline. Shall I continue to do it or just keep walking? I'm a very thin 41 years woman. Thanks again

  • Kannan Iyer says:

    Thank you for this video sir. Great for beginners like me. God bless you and your team

  • Joo Lim Carson says:

    Just today I been doing this chair exercise. And I had diabetic for 10 years now. I do do reguarely exercises. But i find this one is good.
    So I will keep doing it. And i find it easy to do. Thank you very much. I shared with my friends on Facebook. Thank you very much.
    God bless. Each day I spend 1 or 2 hours doing different exercises.

  • mesob 20 muday18 says:

    i like it excellent job

  • Lebbie Chung says:

    I’m diabetic and on Ke͏t͏o diet but I’m not taking any diabetic medication. Is it okay to join your glucozone workout? Thanks.

  • praise him always jesus says:

    My BG reading before exercise 297 and after exercise 286

Best chair based exercise for Type 2 Diabetes