No high impact activities, no weights, just the best exercise for increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering glucose levels.

GlucoseZone™ is a digital therapeutic designed to help you reach your diabetes and exercise goals. Based on your real-time blood sugar levels, GlucoseZone provides you with individualized and tailored guidance, education, and support to help you meet the exercise requirement of diabetes management. To see more content and start your FREE TRIAL. GlucoseZone® | Workouts For Diabetes Streamed Live & On-Demand:


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  • Irrfan Siyal says:

    hello Sir, I was having 10.8 sugar level just after 2 hours of a meal, then I started to do your level 1 diabetes exercise and when I checked in the middle of your teaching exercise it was amazingly decreased to 8.1, thank you very much for the help and support and the best teachings… love you Sir

  • Irrfan Siyal says:

    hello sir, what about level 2 exercises, when so we have to start level 2 and level 3? and I have to lower my cholesterol level also, please recommend some exercises for that also, thank you once again

  • Hey, I am type 2 diagnosed and found your great video for lowering blood sugar. This surely works thank you!

  • Wajidbelur Wajid says:

    I like this program very much excellent

  • jyra Neupane says:

    my sugar level is 6.3 every morning i am prediabetes i have been trying this exercise from 4 days but there is no change in my sugar level what should i do?? can u give me suggestion please??i would be so grateful

  • I'm pre-diabetic and my weight is always from 92 lbs to 94 lbs and I never take diabetic test at home but I like your exercise because it help my muscles. I felt better after I did this exercise. I have to take a few minutes at half way because I felt tired. Thank you very much. I will follow your exercise everyday or every other day because I'm lazy.

  • Alessandro Muraro says:

    thanks for sharing this

  • Maryam Shaheed's ART says:

    its such an amazing exercise ..thanks again guys

  • ivy prasad says:

    Hi when u asked to test BM in the middle of the workout , it went up ? It was 9.7 before i started and than it went up to 11.7 ?

  • I’ve been doing this exercise for two years well taking apple cider vinegar and I went from 415 to 183

  • Hey is there any exercise besides the ones I’m doing through Your channel that can help me with the restriction on my blood flow on my legs and hands I have bad anxiety and I’m always worrying and I can’t afford a doctor or some fancy gym so I use your channel to work out is there any advice you could give me

  • Feroz Omar says:

    Is it better to do this workout on an empty stomach in the morning or after meals? Please suggest…

  • Tiger Gaming - Roblox says:

    I also got a diabetes and my blood suger is 152

  • Nasir insaniyt ki murat hé ravish ji Khan says:

    Bohat achcha he

  • Nasir insaniyt ki murat hé ravish ji Khan says:

    Bohat achcha he

  • Sheila Katzman says:

    My glucose level was 97 when I started. At first check, it went up to 112. At the end of the exercise, it went to 111. What shall I do? I am usually between 87-97.

  • Mary Anne Maramot says:

    Thank you so much from Philippines with LOVE!

  • Lalhmangaih Zuala says:

    Thank you so much….im addicted to this workout….

  • Ansar Shaikh says:

    My Suger Increase after Done this Exercises

  • umadinesh100 says:

    Hiiii… Can i do this exercise one hour after a meal

  • Avreil Miller says:

    Woke up and my bs was 190,so I did this work and bs went down to 154

  • Angela Moraglia says:

    Glad I clicked on this workout for diabetes. Good workout. Love it! Thank you.

  • Charmi's Hub says:

    This is fantastic. I started at 118…and just 20 mins down the video… Was at 91. Tonnes of thanxxxx.

  • Walid Bin Alam Walid says:

    Thanks for this…. I am doing this at home at this lockdown time…. helpful… feeling motivated

  • Rodney Minor says:

    27 years old, lifelong type 2, beginning to experience kidney issues. This workout has given me energy i didn't know I had left in me. Thank you.

  • Asmita Barmase says:

    Can’t believe..from 157 to 110….it actually worked. Thank u so much.

  • aditya tambe says:

    Hello, must say this is an amazing video that I’ve been following for a while! Could you guys give out a bit more information about the workout such as, what is an ideal pre-workout snack that’ll keep me energetic and also on an average how many calories are burnt from the workout. Thanks in advance! Cheers