Desmond and Balraj – How I beat Diabetes

patient testimonial from the Intensive Dietary Management program about how these men overcame their diabetes with dietary treatment alone.



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  • hi Dr Fung i live in london uk i am type 2 diabetic and i was wondring if there was the IDM programme here in london or if i could get a diet plan. its been a week since i was diagnosed. thanks

  • Great to see success stories from your treatment program.  When I initially visited the endocrinologist, right off the bat it was increased doses of insulin with more pills (Diamicron).  After researching on my own and reading your blogs, I attacked my own problem with 30lbs weight loss, dietary change of little or no cheap carbs, no fluoridated water, major increase in organic foods and many other adjustments.  Now I take no insulin, but still take the metphormin and diamicron which I want to get off as well. 

  • Thank you dr. Fong. With your fasting program I reduced my sugar levels from 540 to 126 in 3 weeks. my doctor wanted to put me on insulin but I refused the treatment and chose a fasting regime instead. I will keep on fasting until I get rid of all my medications.

  • In many videos you say the "fasting is just like stomach surgery"
    But in my opinion the surgery makes it impossible for a large amount of food to fit, so then the patient must eat more frequently, which is supposedly very bad because of constant insulin peaking.

  • If one fasts i would see that their sugars would eventually go down and normalize.. but what happens once someone returns to eating food.. do people that were diabetic that are now "cured" exhibit similar glucose test results when compared to a non-diabetic ?

  • MARCH 3rd 2015
    I have T2 diabetes in march this year myHb AC1 came up as 11.6mm/L average at 10.2% and was informed I needed to go on insulin and at that time I was taking glyclizide to control TD2.

    Recommendation to go on insulin

    JUNE 17th 2015
    Since then I researched Intermittent fasting took no medication and have been keeping to 7 day fasts.
    Hence I had another reading in June 9.5 mol/L – 73.0 mmol/mol average 8.8%

    I had another reading and still have been intermittent fasting 7 days a week.
    9.2 mol/L – 64.0 mmol/mol average 8.0%

    I exercise daily and have been advised to take metformin is this the right thing to do?
    Could you or someone help with any answers?

  • Hi David – great story – the funny part is that the American and Canadian Diabetes Associations would say that your treatment with insulin and more pills was exactly correct.  I think it is exactly wrong.  Insulin did nothing but make you worse.

  • I am amazed that general practitioners and endocrinologists approach diabetes so backwards and wrong its troubling.  Increasing insulin makes the condition worse.  Little or no emphasis on diet its primarily to get you on pharmaceuticals. 

  • Very interesting. I am a type 2 diabetic at a very early stages. My doctor wants to put me on Metformin but it gave me stomach cramps so I stoped. I want to follow your protocol but would you give me the detail how to fast and what and when to eat. I live in San Francisco. Do you have a practice here. Pleas advise me.

  • My sister is type 1 diabetic and is only 7 years old will she have to fast as well because that would be hard for her and she is very small. My cousins also have type 1 diabetes and they cut off foods there doctor told them to stop eating but they became even more sick and ended up in the hospital. That is the reason I'm sacred to put my little 7 year old sister on a cutting off specific foods I don't want to put her life at risk so plzzzzzzzzz reply ASAP so we can help my sister together through a safe and easy way.

  • Dr. Fung, great work on fasting and finding a solution for diabetes. I don't have diabetes. I do 16:8 fast every day and 20-24 hour fast on Sundays. But my question is about fruits and occasional white bread, 4 slices a day. Should I eliminate those as well? My waist is 32.75 and height 5 feet 8 inches and weigh around 160 pounds. My body fat is about 16% and my goal is to become 14%. Any advice?

  • Hi Dr J. Fung. I had been watching and listening your program in you tube. What are some of your intensive diet program that I can watch and listen? Thank You and your Avid fan from UK.

Desmond and Balraj – How I beat Diabetes