Everyone with Diabetes must prepare for COVID-19

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  • Nour Galal says:

    I am a diabetic…..GOODBYE WORLD ?

  • Florida Island Girl says:

    90 day supply is important presently for type 1 or 2.

  • Etem Genç says:

    i have diabete type 1 what should i do ?

  • Samuel Spade says:

    Many have cured their type 2 diabetes with a carnivore diet… or you can keep eating/drinking a crap diet.

  • Ava Brida says:

    Insurance companies won’t let us refill prescriptions for more than 30 days. And the price of insulin is obscene.

  • Saadon Aksah says:

    This is informative to know! ?

  • Karen Hicks says:

    I have all heart disease lung disease and diabetes wish me luck with we could find the vaccine soon

  • Louis Tan says:

    The fact I have diabetes

  • Eisahabib says:

    What about kids how have type 1 diabetes

  • TypeOneMusicOfficial says:

    Self isolation is the best option

  • Connell MacCool says:

    Type 1 and 2 you are at serious risk concerning covid19 self isolate for 12 weeks! Just look at Italy and the UK is getting as bad as Italy.

  • Greg Hobbs says:

    There are real indications from China and Italy that for people with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes that it's the medications that that are "helping" the virus not the actual medical condition. Obviously, because this is such a fluid situation there is not enough information on the subject. People who behave recklessly/selfishly by spreading/shedding the virus are a much bigger concern for me.

  • Steven Harbauer says:

    Thank you as this is a concern for me.

  • Sed DelMar says:

    Much thanks doctor!

  • conte tomeck says:

    the risk factor is stiking your fingers to check you blod glucose so wear gloves on that hand or a finger condom a must mens shave only at night so no more open cut as you go out beware when you stick your finger !!!!!!!!!! she did not mentioned !!!!!

  • conte tomeck says:


  • MrMcCawber says:

    As someone who's almost 80 and suffering from T2 plus enough other medical problems to fill an A4 sheet…
    I'm not as concerned about death as I am about dying … and I find that attitude common among most of my contemporaries.
    What we're concerned about right now is ending up alone in a hospital bed, staring at a wall for a couple of weeks while we wheeze our lives away.
    If it's my turn – fair enough. But leave me in my own bed in the company of Mr Daniels and spare me from the 'care givers.'
    Not detracting at all dear lady from your valuable message.

  • Watercolour Society says:

    In other words We're fucked


    If you have diabetes please stay home have family members go out…

  • Jeffrey Miller says:

    Thank you so much dr.! I am not a doctor I am a father to a type 1 diabetic 13 year old that was diagnosed at 5 which is currently on an insulin pump. This video was very helpful and I appreciate it thank you so much

  • Ilyasmoulayramdane Moulât says:

    I have diabetes blood pressure allergies dyspnea goodby blue sky

  • Ilyasmoulayramdane Moulât says:

    I hope the humans will be good and pass trought that

  • Rolli Nia says:

    I know when I eat sugar even fruit I am hungry and when I lack of sugar I am straving. I brought ton of food because food withdrawal is the worst. I also needed ton of sugar stocked as well as sugar withdrawal is the same as caffeine withdrawal to me.

  • Dave Chilton says:

    Consider taking all-natural NAAVUDI to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. I've been taking for over 6 months and its effects. No spikes as well.


    Very informative video on COVID 19 . i know one Doctor who also share great content on COVID19 and diabetes , if you want to follow his channel do visit Drjaherdmd channel

  • Betty Sizelove says:

    Ij tracys theme by speer ross

  • Julius Cesar says:

    Diabetes(type2) and high insulin resistance in general are the root cause of most modern health problems. Sugar and highly refined carbs are garbage for your health. Your nutrition is key to being healthy. More than exercise alone.

  • REAL TRUTH says:

    A pbs report ,One billion people have genetic and mental health problems according to the WHO and you did not cause it ,your Incest ancestors did !!! Oh well pump Iron and Pray if YOU don't have type O blood !!! Like in Good Will Hunting ,it's not your fault !!! We are here to suffer at the hand of Women this time ,ask your Wife how she's going to destroy You???

Everyone with Diabetes must prepare for COVID-19