How to cure diabetes permanently?

According to doctors and researchers, if our eating habits do not get changed most of us are going to be infected by diabetes. One thing to note here is that bad food does not always cause of diabetes but other habits like not exercising and going out is also a cause of diabetes.

[Hindi tips to cure diabetes]

First, we will know what is diabetes and types of diabetes

​​List of foods to avoid in diabetes

Diabetes is a condition when our body stops producing insulin and the amount of sugar gets increased in our body. This causes increased levels of sugar in our body and makes our immune system weak. Diabetes in final stages can be fatal and can cause various disease like cancer, obesity, heart disease etc.

Most overweight and obese people are more prone to diabetes. Diabetes is mainly of 2 types which are mentioned as follows:

Type 1

Type 1 diabetes is caused when our own immune system starts attacking the beta cells in the pancreas. beta cells are responsible for the production of insulin in our body. When the immune system attacks these cells the insulin production stops. This causes the sugar levels to increases making us prone to diabetes. 10% of the infected people tend to have type 1 diabetes.

Type 2

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes that occurs to us. In this type our body does not respond to the insulin produced by our body means it can make efficient use of the insulin. This causes to sugar to store in our body and not be used for energy. 90% of the patients with diabetes are said to be suffering from this type of diabetes.

Cure of diabetes

The 2 types of diabetes are wholly different from each other. The way of treating them is very different. Type 1 diabetes is caused by inner body also known as the autoimmune condition. But the type 2 diabetes is more related to our lifestyle. Type 1 diabetes usually occurs in the adolescence years whereas type 2 can be caused at any age depending on your life style.

In many cases, diabetes cannot be cured completely but it can be controlled by taking herbal supplements and controlling our lifestyle in such a way that we control the intake of sugar.

Food that has high fiber content

Natural Herbal Supplements for Diabetes

Research shows how the diet of most people have a deficiency of high fiber. When high fiber food is consumed by diabetic people, the process of glucose absorption is fastened. This helps to regulate the level of blood sugar and also supports the process of detoxification in the body. Make sure you consume thirty grams of high fiber food on a daily basis. This should include peas, artichokes, berries, avocado, seeds, nuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds and brussel sprouts.

Food that have high content of Magnesium

The presence of magnesium in your body will help to take care of the level of blood sugar. It regulates the glucose metabolism in your body. Diabetes is associated with the deficiency of magnesium. That is why when you start consuming products that have high amount of magnesium in them like chard, spinach, almonds, pumpkin seeds, black beans, and yogurt automatically your diabetes is taken care of.

Benefits of healthy fats

Blood sugar level can be controlled by fatty acids. The best source for that is red palm oil and coconut. When you start consuming these ingredients, your body starts working on fuel rather than running on sugar. Balance your elevated level of blood sugar by taking grass-fed ghee, butter and also coconut milk can be added to smoothies. Following a diet where you cut down on carbohydrates and increase the intake of fats will help to deal with Diabetes as well.

Consumption of proteins

When you start consuming more protein rich food, your blood glucose level automatically drops. It makes the process of sugar consumption slow. You must incorporate grass fed beef, wild-caught fish, chicken that has been raised in an organic manner, eggs, bone broth and lentils in your daily diet. Stick to these products to reduce the level of blood sugar in your body.

Here are some of the supplements to control diabetes permanently:

Chromium Picolinate

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Not much evidence is available in support of ChromiumPicolinate but many types of research have shown that ChromiumPicolinate is said to have the effect on the insulin sensitivity of our body. This means that people suffering from the type 2 diabetes can take this medicine in any from. It helps our body to use the insulin efficiently in our body.


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Cinnamon is an herb that has been in use in Indian households for a very long time. It has numerous positive effects on our body. It helps to control the sugar level of our body. It is also used as a flavour in food.

Alpha lipoic acid

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Alpha lipoic acids are very necessary to control the sugar level in our body. Also even if one is not diagnosed with diabetes taking alpha lipoic acids help in keeping the symptoms of diabetes at bay. Alpha lipoic acids are said to have positive effects on the nerve pains caused due to diabetes.

Fish oil

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Fish oils contain omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are necessary for the proper use of insulin. Only insulin is the substance that can neutralise the extra sugar and can utilise it as an energy source. If insulin is not working properly then the risk of getting diabetes gets higher.


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Earlier it was thought that biotin can control the sugar levels in the human body but later on with more researches, it was found that biotin is not that effective against diabetes but when the intake of biotin is kept with ChromiumPicolinate then it shows effective results in taking the sugar level down in the body.

[Hindi tips to cure diabetes]


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L-glutamine is very helpful in the cases of type 1 diabetes. Glutamine is available in the form of powder. It has properties to repair and increase the growth of cell and the intestinal wall. It acts as a coating to the cell wall.

These were some supplements that are very useful in the cases of diabetes. There is one thing to note that “Prevention is always better than cure”. Once you have got the symptoms of diabetes it is very difficult to return to normal state. Even if you curb the symptoms it is very hard to return to normal state. The pharmaceutical companies can claim as much as they can but the full cure of diabetes is not found yet.

The only thing that helps is the taking these herbal medicines with a proper lifestyle and strict diet plan accompanied with daily exercise. also, it is important that if the symptoms of diabetes are found then a professional doctor should be consulted. One should never start taking the medicine by themselves. Because diabetes can cause many other harmful diseases and can be fatal in complex states.

Have a healthy life and stay safe.


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How to cure diabetes permanently?