How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a curable disease. As a dietary disease, it demands a dietary treatment. The principles are outlined here.



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  • Alex Heravi says:

    So True…. Thank You

  • i visited my doc two weeks after i did a two hours surgery ( 1hr for an ER)which a dozen of surgeons denied, often not even knowing what was goung on, …it was" just" a lot of skin tissue and fat, but since then i get all medication prescribed that i ask for… ?
    my physician told me he can.t do it, bcs he has no practise, …finally i repaired myself, horrible, but. … careful what a medic tells you, ..this guy seems to know! around the same time a diabetes one guy at his early twenties told me he had lowered his insuline doses himself bcs he became fat of a "standard " treatment….he needs the insuline, but he reduced his weight, reduced carbs and insuline and all the others gained and gained and he stayed healthy and managed it himself, …he was a carpenter or that….
    it.s just logical, if i need to take insulin to eat more sweet stuff i need to overthink my begaviour! but a physician who treated my neighbour with high insuline told me people ask for more and more insuline so that they can eat more! stupidity dies out..hmm??

  • Joe Owens Talking Sense says:

    This is by far the best explanation of diabetes and how to combat it I’ve ever watched.

  • Eva Brown says:

    I have a cousin who is in dialysis, is there any hope for him? Please let me know about it.

  • Tuna Helpa says:

    The medicines treat the SYMPTOMS, not the DISEASE.

  • Forrest Franks says:

    The sad thing is it is not a new strategy. It is relearning an age old practice.

  • Owana Louison says:

    Very informative

  • Gail Gail Gail says:

    Does anyone what the diet/fasting program is? Or where we can find/buy it??

  • errol deans says:

    Good information

  • mitch oliver says:

    F●●● where's this guy located, Asian Drs are pretty much the best Drs on the planet

  • Jackie melias says:

    Wow..I just find Dr J learning so much..

  • mitch oliver says:

    This is proof that the government and pharmaceutical companies want to keep sick,

  • brian braziel says:

    So is dialysis the same as kidney disease?…and can it be treated the same way as diabetes?…

  • Teresa Echeverri says:

    Thanks Dr Jason Fung for all your research shared with us. I been working to reverse my. Diabetes type 2. I feel much better no medicine at the moment and only intermitent fasting.low carbon and regular exercise. You are a master in this matter. Thanks again for your help to all of us including health professionals as myself.

  • Lisa DaughterOfTheMostHigh says:

    What if the Type Two diabetes is caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome,, what do you do??

  • marguerite pinard says:

    recently diagnosed with bordeline diabetes at 60 despite frequent exercise, bmi of 21.4, 70% vegan diet with mostly legumes, tofu, veggies nuts, raw fruits. No breads or sweets.responds to metformin 500 mg bid. should I eat just once daily? Neither parents were diabetic! Any ideas of what to look for. Drink moderately wine, but will see what stopping does. Devastated by this news. Suggestions?

  • Shweta Gour says:

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  • Global peace says:

    Excellent explanation….. I am totally convinced…. Yet bit confused that whether to drink water during intermittent fast or not ?

  • 1hourOfLove says:

    I'd like to reverse my type 2 diabetes, so I'd like to believe.
    The PROBLEM is there isn't enough evidence to back this up
    How many believers are victims of the Placebo effect?

  • Mashallah Ali-Ahyaie says:

    I didn't follow since the written notes and charts were hard to be recognized on mobile screen.
    Good luck,

  • Jose Miracle says:

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  • Trinidad pedraja pacis pacis says:

    Good am I am a Filipina and interested in your fasting can I buy the book

  • Xsrtovy S says:

    My Endocrinologist treats my diabetes. He hires someone to help you with understanding your diet & gives Meds to me… Since this is a dietary disease, shouldnt we be seeing a dietician??? The person he hires to teach us about our diet with diabetes, was a waste of time.& it cost me $120


How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally