Insulin Toxicity and How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Jason Fung explains the toxicity of insulin and how it makes diabetics worse, not better. This leads to a discussion of rational treatment to cure diabetes without drugs, without surgery and without cost.



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  • Wow thank for the great hope you gave me since I started watching your video am improving alot soon I will beat you diabetic and will come up with my testosterone thanks again

  • I totally agree with Dr Jason. I have been saying the same thing for decades (much to the aghast of my doctors). Doctors want you to use insulin by lying. I suspect that they were getting some kind of kickbacks, directly or indirectly. Insulin users were told that it is the most convenient and effective way to control diabetes. But from my observations insulin users are just like drug addicts… over time they use it more frequently, and in higher dosage. In addition, insulin injections, if not supplying to the insulin demand, will cause severe fluctuations ie hypo- and hyper-diabetics. This is very dangerous as the body cannot control the side effects.

    I am a Muslim and fast for 30 days during the month of Ramadhan and I notice that within a week of fasting my glucose goes down from 7-8 to 5.5. Therefore, the simple solution is FASTING. The only question is HOW? This will depend on the individual. You have to experiment with your body and get the best regiment. I would fast + lower medication….

  • Hard to make money off patients and people in general who fast. Treatment toxicity, hmm, yet another reason to give yourself reason not to need insulin

  • The vast majority of doctors are looking to pay off their student loans and increase their wealth . There is very little profit to be made by curing their patients . The disrespectful behavior the doctors in attendance displayed is evidence of their mindset . They will continue to bombard your body with medications that will cause further complications in the future . Diabetes will continue to thrive unless you change your diet . Consult with a dietician if you are serious about overcoming this disease . If your doctor is pushing more medications and not concerned with your eating habits you need a new doctor . Do not take chances with this disease . It will destroy your health in different ways simultaneously . The damage is irreversible. Your first line of defense is a good doctor . Stay away from the drug dealers with the prescription pads . Prepare yourself for significant dietary adjustments . Your well being is your responsibility . You will not survive this disease if you do not improve your eating habits .

  • I am going to try fasting. as my doctor wants me to take metformin hydrochloride 500mg three times a day. as she said I have protein in my urine. my blood is 8.8. I was watching my diet, I eat less no sugar, more fruits. I am 10 stones and I am 5. 9 in height. I have been on diet controlled for 10 years. So could anyone help me to start my fasting. as I am determining not to take the metformin. thank you

  • The audience is a prime example of arrogant close minded MDs who's treatment protocols are drastically shortening people's lives. Never trust them with preventive medicine, they are great at treating infections, viruses and trama but are horrifically bad at prevention medicine. Dont be lazy with your health, do your research, make lifestyle changes that will extend your life and wellbeing it's up to you because it should be extremely obvious that going to MDs like the ones in this audience will only treat short term symptoms and put you in an early grave and frankly they literally dont give a damn as long as they get paid and are not at risk of getting in trouble for going against standard of care policies.

    They dont have to agree with Doctor Fung if they have questions that's fine however the level of disrespect given to a speaker why is proposing and making a valid argument for an alternative treatment is absolutely unacceptable and shameful behavior.

  • Man I hate this audience!!! They sound like a bunch of russling pigs so loud and rude! Wtf

  • We enjoy popular opinion so we don't have to think. We accept it in fear of hostility, and harsh treatment from those who benefit from it, regardless how inaccurate it might be.

  • Thank u so much Doc Fung for this very informative lecture
    But the problem is , when a diabetic escapes a meal or go hungry , he would pass out coz his sugar level goes very low ?
    Thank u Doc If u can explain this

  • The big pharmaceutical new this long ago, they want make profit that is why the insulin injection is to reduce population.

  • The noise of people talking at the background is too loud. They should respect the speaker. You dont talk when the speaker speaks unless your directly engage with the speaker discussion.

  • Thank you sir you are some piece of work I mean it respectfully your parents must be proud of you you have helped so many including myself I take my hat off you are a wonderful caring human being God bless you

  • They are horrible how can they live with their self's we sometimes forget we will answer to the Lord someday

  • A big fault in Keto! If insulin stops fat burning & enhance storage… Switching to Keto will not burn fat because of Insulin!

    My proof is me. my poo is great. no eat any milk products have Betacar-15 to help Eyes & stop eating oil to poo. Yet I have not loss any weight!

    Thank you

    Sgt. E. Dickey

  • Come on people! Dr. Fungi is obviously talking during meal and having a good time interacting with the audience.

  • Real Deal Doctor in Jason Fung! You’re my personal Hero! Diabetes will fade away from societyBECAUSE OF YOU AND YOUR ENORMOUS CARE. I’m forever in your debt! A Life Debt to you, sir! Faith in humanity has been restored, real compassion DOES exist!!!

  • most people would rather die than fast .audience were mostly Doctors , you can hear them say , if you cure T2D they will be out of work , LOL , no money for them . that's a BIG disincentive for them .

  • Thank for the information Dr. Fung you are for the cure not like these other doctors they just blowing smoke up people’s ass..

  • The people in the back ground our vary rude. They are a distraction when I'm trying to listen to you . I'm gonna watch this again . You always have such great information. I really enjoy your videos. You are so intelligent. Thank you so much.

  • God Bless you Dr. Fung! Your knowledge is helping me overcome type 2 diabetes.I appreciate your videos so much, they are so informative.

  • What is intensive dietary management program ?How to join this program? Dr Fung or any one know please give the answer.Thankyou.

  • Dr. Fung i am a diabetic Type 2 i love your information facts about treating diabetes and studies that they dont want you to know. I was wondering i have questions about fasting for me….i hope and is there away to talk to you? I am in florida. Please reach out to me. Thanks

Insulin Toxicity and How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes