Reversing Diabetes WITHOUT Pills – YES You Can!

Dr Berry and Tony Hampton, MD discuss reversing Type 2 Diabetes in their practice using diet not pills.


Dr Tony Hampton’s Links
Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Diabetes:


Reverse diabetes without pills


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  • Erik Lorin says:

    this is informative, I am a believer I have lowered my carbs and sugars now what ??????

  • Roux Chat says:

    Yes, bring him back on. This is fascinating. Thank you so much for posting this great discussion. I've been physically harmed by some doctors. I've been belittled and shamed by some doctors — telling me it's all in my head. Had to do my own research and also serious doctor interviewing to find a knowledgeable doctor who was willing to work with me. I believe my current one is the right one. He has been amazed at the improvements in my blood work. Don't be afraid to switch doctors. I'm 70 and feel healthier than at any previous point in my life. I might be old but my quality of life and ability to be very active is through the roof. Wish I'd known what I know now years ago. No more migraines. No more fibromyalgia symptoms. No more acid reflux. No more brain fog. NO MEDICATIONS! I don't even take over-the-counter pain pills. The list goes on. It was not in my head. It was in my body's reaction to my diet. I've tried to enlighten friends and family with minimal, if any, results. Some have flat out said they won't give up the foods damaging them.

  • Merrie Jones says:

    The diet revolutions of the 70s have caused a lot of harm to the American Public. People still believe that crap. it is still being promoted in schools as being healthy. I am so glad we homeschool and can eat what we need to eat. There are still a lot of foods claiming to be healthy, yet when I ate them my arthritis flared, my blood sugars elevated, the list goes on. Thankfully, I've stopped listening to all that propaganda and started making better choices. It is paying off. The best thing is stepping on the scale at the doctors office and seeing the numbers go down.

  • Diane Hanson says:

    A dietician told me that when I get hungry, my liver delivers glycogen to my bloodstream indiscriminately, which causes my blood sugar to rise. What say you about this?

  • Fair Maiden says:

    Great discussion by two great doctors! Love Dr. Hampton – he has a new subscriber 🙂

  • I loved it!!! Been making my husband watch you so made my husband watch this show too. Please bring him back for a part 2.

  • protoword says:

    If I would live in Chicago, I would try to visit dr. Tony and ask him some questions, have some talk with him and I’m sure it would be enjoyable for me very much!

  • Belinda Foster says:

    Have DR Hampton back again you 2 are great

  • Gail Ewing says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Dr. Hampton! Going to get his book and follow him on Instagram and YouTube!

  • Acai Lover Films says:

    You should get out into the world so that everybody including parents of kids with chronic disease and obesity can listen to you.

  • tiredlookingforname says:

    Nowadays I break my fast around 7PM.

  • William McCoy says:

    Bring Dr Hampton on again

  • Mary Gonzalez says:

    I have been on metformin for the past 10 yrs. Is there still hope after 10yrs of not taking care of myself and just be reliant on metformin

  • Julie Gray says:

    Woohoo!! That was incredible!

  • Julie Gray says:

    Do it. I like this man and his messages

  • maggie cimba says:

    Is bussel sprout good

  • Jasia Hunt says:

    So many people are sick and take a tone of medicine and still not interested in hearing about keto. Its like they like having something to blame so they don't have to change.

  • Barbara June Elder Phelps says:

    Thank you for having Dr. Tony Hampton! Very special to hear from him.

  • Judy Pinkston says:

    Enjoyed you both, have Dr Hampton back again!

  • Does a sudden high in sugar level give skin warts and rashes doctor? I'm already diabetic type 2.

  • Debbie Crouch says:

    Loving this info

  • Lynn Kitchen says:

    Dr. B and H you are great. Following youadvice with the guidance of my doctor has improved my health tremendously.

  • Cherie Johnson says:

    Has anyone ever heard of someone getting leaky gut on keto? I was under the impression that keto would heal leaky gut.

  • david thomas says:

    Gravy is liquid bread????? Im taking that on board thanks

  • R Balschun says:

    Great interview, thank you!

  • Learn English Vocabulary says:

    Good morning, KenDBerryMD. it is pretty exceptional video. thank. 🙂

  • Desserts backwards is stressed, I really like that saying because it does stress your body to eat desserts. Awesome collaboration doctors, I really enjoyed this…

  • Cindy Strachan says:

    What can those of us who have allergies to nuts and can’t eat seeds and some protein sources do? I’ve looked at keto before but I can’t eat half the ingredients in recipes so the diet would be very boring.

Reversing Diabetes WITHOUT Pills – YES You Can!