Richard’s story – How I beat Diabetes

Patient testimonial from the Intensive Dietary Management Program about how one man overcame his 10 years of diabetes.



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  • I'm pregnant, not a good time to be fasting… I'm not even fat, I still have diabetes 2, so this isn't answering stuff for me…

  • I am 6.1 with Ketones but not loosing weight, In one week I gained 3 kgs to 115KGS. Insulin of 1.2 bolus and fasting 20Hours ever day. Nearly 30 years taking Insulin Type 2. Would like a lecture of the full exercise Plan

  • i reversed my diabties watching your video of perfect treatment of diabties

  • i am not taking any medicines and my sugar levels are normal and while i was taking medicines my sugar level were arouns 326 mg/dl .

  • What type of fast:   Multiple day fast?   Alternative day fasting?  etc.

  • Dr jason i would want you to spread awarness about diabetes at massive level .Its very serious disesase which can be easily controlled by fasting and excersise there isnt any requirment of medication which eventually make diabetes worse .

  • you cannot say it is cured… just say it is controlled.. it is cured only if a person eats normal food without taking medicine and the hba1c stays below 5.8

  • in my experience, weight training in a fasted state is the best way to melt down that visceral fat and reverse diabetes. weight training in a fasted state forces body to lower blood sugar and melt away all the fat around belly. i went from 40" trouser size to 34" in no time. it teaches ur body to run on stored fat better than any method.

  • Hello. I have a question I have a question you can help me with. Does fasting help women with menopause issues? Thank you in advance.

  • Thank you Dr Fung!Your information has saved my life! A1C 12.4 JanuMet 50/1000 2x/ day. Farxiga and a fasting sugar on meds of 180. Six weeks of keto with IF A1C 7.1 fasting sugar not sure because my morning numbers are always high due to circadian liver dump but sitting here at 7 hours after meal 124. I should be a case study!!

  • I would like to see Dr. Fungs' results with more people and not just one.

  • Dr Fung, during fasting you mentioned increase in cortisol in one of your videos. There is an ayurvedic herb- powder of the roots of ASHWAGANDHA (horse smell -translated literally). It is a well known herb to reduce cortisol by 30% or more. It is an ancient Indian remedy, and is recommended for all dieters, by Ayurveda doctors. This herb is generally recommended to those who need to increase their energy levels, and/or have trouble going to sleep at night.

    PLUS- drinking piping hot water in sips, in intervals of 30 min, would detoxify the body faster, and work as an appetite suppressant too.
    Dr. Deepak Chopra (MD Medicine, settled in San Diego) wrote some books- "Perfect Weight" and "Perfect Digestion", about 30 years ago.

    Fasting is the norm in India. It is done for religious purposes mostly. The dates/days on which fasting is recommended by Sanatana Dharma (the Eternal Religion) are calculated based on astronomy, when digestive power is weakened, thus advocating the benefits of fasting during these days. During fasting one actively participates in religious ceremonies- singing for Lord Krishna, lectures on Gita and Bhagwatam, association with other devotees. All these activities keep the person (on fast) busy and happy, in association with other devotees who also are fasting. Needless to say, congregational chanting, singing and lectures aimed at focusing on propitiating and serving Lord Krishna, ALSO helps in detoxification, repair, rest, weight management etc of the body of the devotee. BUT of course, since these fasts are usually only 24 hours long, cortisol is NOT a problem.

    Hare Krishna !!

  • "Fasting" means different things to different people. So JF considers fasting to go without any food? And for how long?

  • It is ironic that when a doctor prescribed us medicine or tell us advice that keeps us sick and dependent on prescribed medicine, almost nobody questions why it doesn't work. However videos such as this are bombarded by skepticism.

  • Wish I could find a doctor that will help with this fasting and hopefully the reductions in medications. I’m at the point that I’m sure that he’s going to try and put me on insulin. I’ve fasted some to lower my sugar and had no problem with cutting out lunch and eating a small supper but I’ve never realized that doing this more could eventually lead to weight loss and medication reduction (or lack of any medications). Do you have any suggestions on finding a doctor that supports this or does one just do this on there own?

  • Will this work if you fast 18/6, fast for 18 hours and eat in a 6 hour window time?

  • After my first 5 day water-only fast I hadn't realized I stopped snoring. Happy wife happy life. I also lost 7.4kg. Amazing.

  • Will you marry me please, Doctor? If you are already married, it's ok, I'll wait for you. ?❤️?

  • Thank you very much, you changing many people life and saving them .

  • Dr Fung, thanks so much for this. I was just told I am borderline T2 and need to reverse it; my own fault, and I know it. You just massively reinforced that this is very possible. You made my day. Thanks again; you are a great man.

  • the graph shows close to 7 aic after 22 weeks of fasting- is that correct- I thought tyoe 2 begins at 6.5?

  • These is no control to eat people on earth every thing eating and less work more mentally stress next t2 patient that's all

  • I am wondering if fasting is safe for a liver transplant patient? My understanding is that it can “reboot your immune system”. However being on immunosuppressant therapy, that might not be a good thing. But I have several reasons I really need to be fasting. I’m 30 lbs over weight, don’t want to get a fatty liver, have a lot of inflammation in my body, along with a lot of musculoskeletal issues and significant pain. I really want to do this, but know it’s safe. My TxP team don’t know anything about fasting.(YET)

  • Today is my 21 day of not eating carbohydrate and sugar. I realise that doing so, does not make me feel hungry…as I always do before…and surely my blood sugar has come down to normal. Thank you Dr. Fung, your findings and opinion on diabetes medication issue has really saved me from doing the wrong thing.

  • I have no doctor nor any form of medical supervision / counsel. I'm mal-nourished and failing. I have high BP ( nearly 200 ) and have for years and growing concerns about blood sugar … and Metabolic Syndrome, including Mild Cognitive Impairment. Forgive my selfish plea, for I I need help, for which I have no "right" to inquire.

  • He's controlled his symptoms, which is a great thing. He's not cured unless he can eat pizza or some fudge without his sugar going sky high.

  • I need clarity on this: isn’t the way to know if you’ve been cured is to drink a sugary drink and see if your blood sugar is still within the normal range after 2 hours? If your diet is extremely healthy, devoid of little to no sugar, wouldn’t even a “diabetic” show normal blood sugars?


Richard’s story – How I beat Diabetes