The Calorie Deception

A discussion about why the focus on calories is so misplaced.



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  • Yang and Fung as running mates for president and vice president would really make everyone feel pretty stupid.

  • Does naturally flavored sparkling water (Like Klarbrunn) which contains just carbonated water and natural flavoring (no sweeteners) cause insulin to spike? I read in The Obesity Code that all foods do, but this isn't a food and contains no calories so inwas curious.

  • I have all the ultimate causes for alcoholism. Fortunately for me, I hated the taste and the way it made me feel. My daughter and I don't feel anything in our heads when taking T3 (Tylenol with Codeine) when prescribed for dental treatment, yet when some people learned she had some T3 prescribed, so many people miraculously had pain and wanted her to share her T3.

  • You changed my life I have lost 62 lbs in the last 4 months. I love this ❤️ life style

  • "Seek the cause of causes"

    We have really forgotten to take our brains along, the last 3000 years.

    I see this causal fallacy everywhere, not just in nutrition mind you.

  • "We have everything all wrong"

    This is true for many many things in modern science, sociology and economics.

  • If he says “right” one more time I’m going to start a riot! It is so hard listening to what he’s saying when all I can hear is “right?!”

  • Coke Bottling Company: Calories can’t be created or destroyed.

    Me: looks up Entropy…

    Also me: heat calories?…

    …DANG IT

  • Do you need to eat a certain number of calories or should you listen to your body for hunger signals? I am 70 lbs. overweight and can never get to the recommended calories with a keto app. I'm always in a deficit. Should I try to eat more or just eat to satiety? Any Help.Thank You

  • look at the tube feeding formulas….doctors will put people on tube feeding round the clock, continuous feeding, or for 18hrs continuous, and 6 hrs no feeding. some will lose weight. some will gain weight. much of it depends on the underlying health of the client, and the formulation- percentage of sugar/carbs to proteins, to fats and water. all calories are not the same.

  • How is counting calories bad? I used to lose weight on Weight Watchers which is all about counting calories which are converted into a point system

  • the logic is there, but it's missing the quantitative aspect. say I eat 5000 cal of low GI food and sit on my couch all day, am I not gonna put weight on? what quantities should I eat to lose weight?

  • Reducing calories is how you lose wait no matter what these hucksters tell you. He recommends starving yourself, oh sorry, "intermittent fasting", which is just another trick for reducing calories. Duh!

  • Mary Potin,
    Can you please tell me how much was your weight before you started Intermittent Fasting, and if it affected your weight, and how much do you weigh now? Thank you.
    I was doing it but lost too much weight and got weak so I stopped; I was 115 lbs before I started and went down to 97 lbs; I stopped and regained some weight, am now 109 lbs. By the way, I'm 64 years old, 5' 4" tall and am type two diabetic. I'm very happy for you; God bless.

  • Time to stop looking at obese people as slobs and give them helpful advice which will lead to a long, happy, healthy life.

  • Damn this is insightful af. I've lost 127 lbs by just eating healthy foods and now I've learned why it has worked for me. I purposely reduced the amount of carbs I'd eat and now I know why I'm not hungry all the time even though I've been eating lighter the last two years than I ever have.
    Currently 193 lbs, 6'1", started losing weight at my max of 320 lbs. Only just a little more belly fat to go and I'll have arrived at my goal body composition.

  • I'm so fucking confused I read protein increases insulin so you feel more hungry but I also read protein helps you burn off body fat.

  • I'm not in a position to do low carb (I'm healthy, so a month of standard American diet won't kill me), but I've been trying to wait most of the day before eating anything that'll spike my insulin. So I'll have some unsweetened tea and some butter in the morning and wait til the afternoon to start on protein and carbs. Hopefully this variant on IF is better than not having a period of fasting.

  • AA is kinda crap. It works for some people, but so would no treatment at all. If I found myself becoming addicted to alcohol, I'd try the Sinclair method rather than immersing myself in the pile of unneeded Jesus and ineffectiveness that is AA.

  • Person be like: I'mma go on a calorie restricted diet to lose weight.
    Body be like: Clearly food energy is really hard to get here. I'm being forced to run on salad. Salad! Don't waste the little energy we have by exercising unless there's literally lions chasing you.
    Person be like: [surprised pikachu] Why is exercising so hard?

The Calorie Deception