TRANSFORMATION: Diabetes and Cancer Survivor’s LIFE-SAVING 50-Pound Weight Loss

After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Deziree (Dezi) Slusher was in a major car accident. While she was being treated for injuries, doctors discovered a tumor in her neck. At 32 years old, Dezi made the choice to fight and change her life. With 50 pounds lost, she’s now cancer-free and a successful physique competitor with a story to inspire anyone who believes it can’t be done.

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  • I'm really liking this transformation series. Came from Johns channel and glad to see this show growing and him growing in the most positive way!!

  • John really shines hosting these transformation stories. I hope they continue. Great story, Deziree. Great advice. Thank you.

  • Powerful story. Well done.? So inspirational to others. Thank you John. ???

  • Wow! Such an amazing story! What a beautiful women inside and out. such an inspiration!

  • Her tip made me cry it hit me straight to the heart. I realized that instead of being my number 1 fan I am being my worst enemy. Thank you so much

  • Deziree, you are an amazing women and I can totally relate to a lot of your struggles with the diabetes and major car accidents. I didn't have cancer but I had neck surgery last year, due to the several car accidents I have been in. You totally inspire me to keep going and not give up!!

  • Great, inspirational channel… Just the other day Jon was tugging skin on YouTube and now, here interviewing people… Yay I love seeing people grow and prosper ☺️

  • This series speaks to me so much. Weight loss transformations are so often framed around looks and beauty, but this story of gaining health is so empowering. I can also relate to the importance of making health and wellness a priority during the busy college years—thank you so much for sharing! #QuestSquad

  • I love this story as well! I'm a thyroid Survivor I'm 28 years old I was diagnosed at 26. One of my goals is to one day compete in a competition! Thanks for sharing your story! #questsquad

  • Wow Dezi is such an inspiration! Not only to turn her medical illnesses around, but also to move on to be a successful figure competitor!!! What a wonderful attitude and amazing dedication & discipline! If only more patients with metabolic disease could push themselves with proper fitness & nutrition rather than rely on medications to solve their problems, the world would be a much healthier place. You rock girl! #QuestSquad

  • I absolute LOVE the series I had watched almost all the videos and the most important part in their journey is that click moment … each one of these videos is such an inspiration. Thank you!!!! #QuestSquad 🙂

  • Has she reversed here type 2 diabetes? congrats to her for beating cancer, surviving a car crash & recovering

  • You are truly an inspiration.  I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes..and am on my own transformation.  If you get the chance, please join me on my journey..could really use encouragement

TRANSFORMATION: Diabetes and Cancer Survivor’s LIFE-SAVING 50-Pound Weight Loss