Why Diabetes Makes You More Susceptible to Viruses

Did you know diabetes makes you more susceptible to viruses (like COVID-19)? Find out why.

0:10 COVID-19 and diabetes
0:18 Why are diabetics at a higher risk?
1:09 A few additional things to be aware of
3:25 What to do 

Today we’re going to talk about why diabetes can make you more susceptible to getting viruses like COVID-19. Being a diabetic actually triples the mortality rate from the COVID-19 virus.

The virus enters the cell through your own body’s receptor. This type of receptor is called the ACE2 receptor. The virus enters and starts to replicate. The more ACE2 receptors you have on your cells, the more susceptible you could be to this virus. 

• Diabetics have a lot more ACE2 receptor proteins on their cells.
• People with high blood glucose have more ACE2 receptor proteins on their cells.
• People with higher amounts of insulin have more ACE2 receptor proteins on their cells.

A few additional things to be aware of:

• Insulin resistance can impair your immune response to a virus.

• People with hyperglycemia (high sugar) have a decrease in neutrophils. Neutrophils eat viruses, they release anti-microbial chemicals that kill pathogens, and they use NETS to dissolve microbes with chemicals. If you don’t have enough neutrophils, your immune system is going to be compromised, and your body won’t have the weapons to fight off viruses. 

If you have diabetes and you’re concerned about COVID-19 (coronavirus), you may want to consider decreasing your carbs (the healthy keto diet) and intermittent fasting. This could potentially help greatly improve diabetes and help support the immune system.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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Thanks for watching! I hope this video helps you better understand why diabetes makes you more susceptible to viruses like COVID-19.



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  • PhaseSkater says:

    How can we lower blood pressure fast short term? My a1c is 4.8 and I’m young but my blood pressure is elevated and i wanted to lower it while this thing is going around.

  • Chad Aitken says:

    Dr Berg’s success?
    Most people who are the best at something make it look easy, it’s not. It’s a lot of hard work.
    Dr Berg is a great example of this.
    His increase in subscribers proves the point.
    Give your reasons why Dr Berg is so successful?
    Calm demeanor. Answers why. His supporting wife?

  • Jesse Cassidy says:

    I am almost 110% sure I had it in February and it was a pain because I am type two. But I fasted the whole time and also took in electrolytes. Once I stoped taking ibuprofen I started to get better much faster.

  • fanclass0f76 says:

    Although I'm not that necessarily concerned for myself as I feel I have a pretty good immune system. I rarely even get a cold anymore. However I am a Type 2 diabetic that I am controlling quite well with my diet, with the occasional treat. 😉 I do wonder however that although my blood glucose is controlled through diet I am still very Insulin resistant as I can tell with those occasional splurges followed up with a glucose meter. So that has me wondering how much does the IR add to the risks even if one is keeping there blood sugar(glucose) within the lower ranges?
    I will also suggest I struggle with high blood pressure but I think it mostly comes from stress and/or lack of good sleep where the added cortisol seems to cause a rise in both blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

  • Gary West says:

    I had neuropathy, pain in the feet, mental fog and worsening eye sight, from diabetes, that sleeping Grounded every night would NOT get rid of. I was Not sleeping very well, at the time. But Dr. Berg shows in many video's. I started on Healthy Keto, and Intermittant Fasting, and felt very positive results in three weeks or less, I started taking Nutritional Yeast, for its many benefits, and I was taking, vitamin C, Magnesium, and D3 w/k2 in mk-7 format, I upped my D3 to a higher amount this fixed my sleep problems, and I started taking Benfotimine, that stopped all pain in the feet and Kidneys, my vision is much better now. Thank You Dr. Berg. You are the Greatest Instructor as to whats going on inside the body. I have become my own healer based on the knowledge I have gained from you. Also your Chewable Vitamin C are Excellent!!!

  • Ahsan Ail says:

    منور دكتور

  • Thanks Dr berg we love you

  • Hamda Garbo says:

    Hi Dr. Eric Berg, I have seasonal allergies which is very bad one. Every spring and fall I experience running nose, sneezing, itch throat and eyes. Does this mean my immune system is weak? What can I do to get rid of this? Thank you:)

  • رحمه رحمه رحمه says:


  • Randa Khatoun says:

    Could you please talk about MMS1 and MMS2

  • Captain Trips says:

    Some of the myriad benefits of fasting on the immune system, all evidence based:
    Blood sugar and insulin are lowered, allowing white blood cells to move more freely throughout the body and do their job. Ideal blood sugar is around 80. Some viruses activate glycolosis (the release of sugar in the body) and clinically it has been shown that decreasing glucose metabolism in the body weakens the influenza virus.

    When you move out of MTOR your body shuts down the building blocks of the cell which are used to produce organelles and proteins. This means the mechanisms needed by viruses to replicate are by and large unavailable when you are in a deeply fasted state.

    It stimulates the AMPK complex and activates autophagy. Autophagy (literally self eating) will causes cells to recycle foreign matter such as viruses. AMPK does many helpful things in the body including activating the body's antioxidant defenses.

    Deep ketosis virtually eliminates inflammation in the body. This can offset the life threatening symptoms of viral pneumonia which effectively kills you through inflammation. This also creates BHB ketones in your body, which also help your immune system and anti-oxidative system, especially in the brain. Various ketones also provide an additional energy source during infection, which is critical when trying to fight off a bug. In fact you can have as much as three times the total energy available in your blood when you are in deep ketosis, or even more.

    It increases mitochondrial function and repairs mitichondrial DNA, leading to improved ATP production and oxygen efficiency and thereby making cells better able to fight off infection. Increased mitochondrial function also has the added benefit of increasing your metabolism!

    T and B cells retreat to the bone marrow and are renewed at a genetic level, each cell having all its DNA repaired. This supercharges your immune system and makes your cells young again. On top of all this, fasting encourages the direct apoptosis (death) of infected cells, shortcutting the typically length process of killing them off through macrophages.

    Your body releases interferon which is also triggered by the body during viral attacks to shut down the replication ability of the surrounding cells and stop infections.

    After 3 days or more your body actually recycles large numbers of immune bodies and creates new ones, rejuvenating your entire system.

    Eating one meal a day can bring most of these benefits to a lesser degree, and adding a few entire days off from eating will have even more effect especially when starting to feel poorly.

  • soupper soulger says:

    Covid 19 not ARDS after-all but heme (iron) in hemoglobin disruption. Patients need oxygen, not pressure.

  • Deb Storybags says:

    Eosinophilia? How does that factor into things?

  • rmullenaux says:

    Guys…COVID-19 is not a virus it is the name the WHO gave for the disease attributed to the actual virus, SARS-COV-2. Please stop saying Covid-19 the virus….

  • Great video, No more cheating !!!!

  • Warren Nicholl says:

    Dr. Berg – Where can I find the source(s) that stating diabetics have triple the mortality rate?

  • Kevin Haynes says:

    Thanks Dr. Berg !

  • Sisj Flows72 says:

    Thanks Doc for the info starting on my health now and today

  • AntiGravityGains Basile says:

    Can the world please specify T1 or T2 whenever talking about diabetes? That would be a great act of public service because soooooo many people assume T1 whenever experts say "diabetes".

  • Sisj Flows72 says:

    I am pre also can i turn it around by fasting

  • Dream lover says:

    Now i know why fasting is a must in Islam. Glory to Allah. please pray for us. Thanks God, sir i found ur video. My mom has low neutltrophils i guess, she has diabetes and paonfully she cant walk..

  • As a Covid-19 Researcher, here's a few tips for you guys below
    The virus affects these genes. Viz.,
    ID01 – (heme gene),
    IRAK3 – protein gene related to Asthma
    TNFSF10 – gene related to Thoracic Cancer
    OAS1 – a gene related to Pulmonary (Heart) functions,

    Enzymes like
    ST3GAL4 & ST6GAL1 – related to Lung functions

    The way it harms you by acting on the :

    IL-6 (Interleukin cytokine) which gets disrupted by Coronavirus

    ACE2 – this gene expression mutates and allows more receptors to collect the novel Coronavirus

    MX1 – this is used in defense which is GTP-binding and then attacks Influenza. But since, the IL-6 is malfunctioning,the entire defence mechanism goes into a trip.

    If you fall under these categories, STAY AT HOME :
    ✔️ Asthma
    ✔️ Above 50

    Prevention is the cure for now
    Because, the medications like Azithromycin and Anti-malarial drugs work on Asians much much better than on Eeuopeans/Caucasians and their side effect can make you lose your kidneys or have arrthymia / irregular heart beats and kill you. Do not self medicate yourself.
    Don't even assume that if you're young that it won't kill you. Many of my friends in Iran have been sending me videos of the youth dying on the streets there and nobody even helping. Be wise.

    We as researchers and the medical world will find something for you, till then make our hard works worth it – Stay home ! (That's how you reward us)

    Love and prayers from India ?? ✝️

  • Courtnay Power says:

    But we or you still haven't established the cause of insulin resistance.
    What if fat is really the cause of insulin resistance like it has been established by the medical community?

  • Denyse LeBlanc says:

    are alcoholics more susceptible to this coronavirus

  • Please share with your viewers where did you get your facts about this particular virus tripling the mortality rate for diabetics? Thank you

  • Emma Leyva says:

    I need to keep hearing this. Keeps me awAy from the carbs in the house. LoL

  • Benedict Voon says:

    Melatonin solves this receptor problem.

  • Thank you for the education, I'm happy to have an educator such as yourself whereas my own pcp doesnt give me this level of knowledge.

  • Is this true for a Type 1 or are you mainly talking about Type 2?? Please clarify which diabetes you are referring to.

  • Elke Ahlers says:

    That is why American die more now???????

  • Maribel Bale says:

    Dr. Berg you have got to be the most honestly informative doctor keep up the amazing work

  • Elle Marie says:

    My sister was just diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Does that make her at risk?

  • Ghassan Al_Ibrahimi says:

    Clarify for reasons of chronic blood vessels and how to control the disease by food.

  • asahak Asahak says:

    Hi Doctor because of Gastro Bypass operation I have very small stomach or maybe I don’t have with a coronavirus these days they say it’s what is in your mouth you can drink water and goes to stomach and stomach acid will kill the virus so what’s with that Gastro Bypass surgery was gonna happen to them can you please answer and send me this if you don’t mind thank you

  • Ltrainsns Ns says:

    Is cabbage keto friendly

Why Diabetes Makes You More Susceptible to Viruses